Monday, January 18, 2010


Me and Darcy ice skating!!!!
Sis...and me!
All Four sisters together finally!!!
Two blondes and ME the dark......
And finally Me and my best Friend Kelsey... yay!! these last few weeks have been so busy, as I stated before:) And my life has been filled with ups and downs, and round & rounds, but these people in these pictures really make me fill loved and cared for. Anyhoo Just wanted to share some new pics, and once again one out of a million things rollin around in my head...Thanks for listening!

Friday, January 15, 2010

La lalalala!

sing sing sing:)
GAngstER gangster... 2,4,5
Sunny CALi.... wish i was there now!!!!
So, life is so extremely busy, and not to mention confusing.... it's so easy to get lost in a crazy world like this. I'm so glad to have an amazing God who keeps me on track. He is definitely the only one that really makes me feel not alone. Lately I have herd the phrase "you only live once" a lot... and yes that is true but if we only live once shouldn't we make this life the best one. And many new people i have met are so lost and hurting it hurts my heart! They talk about getting drunk, high, giving themselves to someone they think will full fill them, and they are searching for an answer. Although they might not know it, that's what they are looking for...something to fill them up. It's kinda like there running from something, if only i could get them to run in my direction......

Anyways... Love to all :) God bless
OOhh!!! and here is a cute quote i recently herd
:"Your the thing I never knew I always wanted!"
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

New THings!!!

Sweet makeup!!!
Poniac Grand Am, 2004, 60,000 miles, 3 TV"s
Crosstown!!! We lost:(
So I got a new car, and yes as it said above 3 tv's! So sweet and i bought it myself which is prob the coolest part:) Crosstown, is where CMR plays, my school GFHS in a rivalry game... and yes we lost but it was still very fun. And Halloween.... i was a princesses or something and we painted faces at our church's Fall Famtasic party! Then we went to a hunted house. Heather was the funnest person there by far!!! But that whole day was probably the best day I have had in a long long time!!! Gotta run.. Love
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Smallgroups!

We are starting a new curriculum in Cadres that I'm really excited for!! Its called Here and Now from Just like Christ. And I'm just really stoked to see what this is going to do in the lives of these amazing high school girls, along with myself. The other cool thing is that the teaching plan is pretty intense, which makes me learn it better and put more work into it! This is going to be a great learning and growing time for me and my girlfriends!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hello hello!!

My clash outfit for homecomming!!
gansta gansta 2, 4, 5!!!!
So here is some fun pictures!!! homecoming is coming up and there will be many more fun pictures to come.... So see you then!!
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ten on Tuesday!!

Livin my life, fun, daring, great, mysterious, likable, risky, peaceful, stressful, busy, and oh so lovable! I was thinking about it and really I have nothing to be mad about, stressed about, and I can take every moment- good or bad, and make it better. We have an amazing God who loves us more than we know, and I try oh so hard to remember that whenever I can.

So I have a couple of exciting things to say... I am doing wonderful!!! I am loving God, showing the love of God, and getting closer to God! ooh and it's ten on tuesday so here i go:
1. Today was powder puff practice.( football for girls)
2. I am a running back in FOOTBALL!! a good potision, or so i herd:)
3. Got a new laptop... the one im on right now... bought it myself... good deal... love it!!!
4. My mom's gone to Cali. for the whole week:(
5. I'm liking the idea of culinary school more and more!!( i think its GOD!)
6. my room is really messy
7. I need 9 more bugs for a bug collection at school! bugs are hard to find when its cold...
8. I love my family... so much....
9. Deciding whether to rip off these fake nails or not!! they're buggin' me!
10. I have HOMEWORK:(

Altogether, I really think we have an amazing Daddy looking on us with love and proud, glistening eyes.